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Sighting Nigeria EEZ

Nigeria Security Escort Vessels Services

Another day like any other for Praesidium International. While escorting a client asset in Nigerian waters our Italy based Security Operations Center (SOC) receives a report with a picture attached from our Security Escort Vessel (SEV) via our liaison officer. Navy personnel is ready to intervene if necessary, and our liaison officer continues to observe the movement of the white speedboat all while maintaining an open line of communication with our SOC.

Intel is gathered, jointly analysed by our SEV and SOC teams and it is finally assessed that the speedboat does not represent a threat.

In a matter of minutes onboard activity resumes as per normal and most importantly no dangerous overreactions with the client proceeding safely to its destination.

How did the team achieve such understanding?

1.    Being themselves seaman, our liaison officers have a thorough understanding of the environment where they operate;

2.    They are properly trained on maritime security matters;

3.    They receive in depth security briefings prior to any task;

4.    They have direct access to our onshore staff at any given time while deployed and thus our extensive events database and intel support.

Praesidium International is a security company duly authorised by the Italian Ministry of the Interior. On a daily basis we provide assistance in the fields of risk consultancy, maritime security, travel & fixed site security, intelligence analysis, cybersecurity and vessel & operational management among the main. For further information contact us directly at .


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