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PI aims at providing the highest standards of openness in the delivery of its services and overall operations. It is crucial that PI’s employees and stakeholders are aware that any serious concerns about wrongdoing they may raise will be handled appropriately. More specifically employees, may be fearful that raising concerns about misconduct within an organization or within an independent structure associated with it will lead to retribution from their colleagues or their employer.

We believe that a good organization should encourage employees to voice their concerns over malpractice and act against an employee who would try to hinder them doing so.

With its whistleblowing process, PI wants to enable its employees and stakeholders to raise concerns and help resolve issues as quickly and fairly as possible, and in the appropriate way, without fear of victimization, discrimination, or retaliation.

The whistleblowing process should be utilized when the party raising the concern either:

  • Reasonably believes it could be victimized if it raises the matter internally
  • Reasonably believes a cover up is likely
  • Had already raised the matter internally and no action was taken

The communication can be anonymous and shall include:

  • Reference to the fact that it is a whistleblowing disclosure
  • The background and details of the concerns
  • Names, dates and places, when possible
  • The reasons why the party is particularly concerned about the situation

All communications can be addressed using the online contact form or the following email: pi [at] praesidiumintl [dot] com.

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