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Specialized Training

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Specialized Training

Since the inception of Praesidium International, we have had clear objectives and a vision that could guide and assist us in transmitting our values.
This approach has characterized our journey, protecting us from the multiple dangers that afflict companies nowadays. We have used our creativity to improve operating flows all while maintaining a strict discipline that has allowed us to increasingly improve ourselves day after day, thus helping us to promote Italian excellency in a sector dominated by foreign entities. As a matter of fact, in just a handful of years, Praesidium International has distinguished itself in the international arena by becoming one of the leading companies protecting seagoing personnel sailing in high-risk areas.
Our success was based on the awareness of our potential and the context that surrounds us as well as the clarity of objectives we have set for ourselves. These include the desire to create a network of strategic partnerships with companies that share our same values and with which there can be a mutual exchange of skills to further elevate the content and quality of the services offered.


One such company is Azimuth, a leader in business consulting, coaching and training, including maritime personnel. Azimuth has been guiding companies towards success and the full expression of their potential for years. An organization like no other on the national scene with which Praesidium International shares a lot. The word azimuth originates from Arabic as-ûmut, “Directions”, and Azimuth sets out to redefine the course of businesses, on par with Praesidium International whose symbol, the lighthouse, has always been a guide for sailors in the darkness of the night.


Strategic consultancy, coaching and training to build your leadership in the Maritime Industry

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