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Our Attention to Compliance

Praesidium International strongly believes that company’s behavior should promote the Rule of Law, respect for Human Rights and protect the interest of its partners. Our working methodology is structured around a set of policies and management tools that help our employees in ensuring that the services are rendered as per standards presented and in compliance with the laws and regulations of the areas in which we operate.

Praesidium International is a security company incorporated in Italy, duly authorized by the Ministry of the Interior, with license ex-art. 134 TULPS Prot. N° 377732, to provide anti-piracy maritime security services onboard Italian flagged vessels sailing in the designated High-Risk Piracy AreasPraesidium International is the only security company in the Italian market who can boast itself holding an extensive expertise not only for Indian Ocean operations onboard a wide range of flag States but also covering South-East Asia, Central & South-America and the Gulf of Guinea with its services.

In July 2020, Praesidium International has joined ASS.I.V. Vigilanza e Servizi Fiduciari, the Italian Association of Private Security and Fiduciary Services companies while in August of the same year, the company was awarded the UNI 10891:2000 certification that confirms the company’s application of DM 269/2010, DM 115/2014, Chief of Police procedural guideline dated February 24th, 2015 for its maritime security services in application of DM 139/2019, the Italian maritime anti-piracy law.

The UNI 10891 Standard

UNI 10891 is the standard that defines the essential requirements for security companies’ management system. The aim of UNI10891 is to define the minimum requirements for services, providing guidance for their provision in order to ensure compliance with current legislation.
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As a general rule, the standard defines the implementing rules, the technical equipment and procedures for monitoring the services as established by DM 269/2010 which regulates the minimum characteristics of the organizational project and the quality requirements of the security companies and their services, as well as the professional and technical skills required for the management of the same institutions and the performance of the tasks. More in particular, this provision applies, for example, in our case, to “protection services for merchant ships, as well as to goods and valuables carried on them, flying the Italian flag in transit in the international maritime spaces at risk of piracy” regulated in Italy by a decree of the Ministry of the Interior, DM 139/2019 “Regulation concerning the use of security guards on board merchant ships flying the Italian flag, sailing through international waters at risk of piracy”. 

The Management System

The implementation of a management system in accordance with UNI 10891 brings specific added value for the coordination and management of emergencies, for the preparation and updating of service provisions, for the monitoring of information and service failures and all monitoring and measurement equipment.

In particular, several parameters are verified through the standard UNI 10891 some of which are listed below:

Other Standards

Praesidium International acts in accordance with:

In addition to the above, for services specifically rendered in the Maritime domain, Praesidium International acts in accordance with all known regulatory requirements of the IMO and relevant Flag State regulations. In particular, our operations are structured and conducted in compliance with:

  • ISO 28007-1:2015
  • The 100 Series Rules
  • International Maritime Organization circulars related to Private Maritime Security Companies
  • Ministerial Decree 139/2019 regulating maritime Anti-Piracy security services onboard Italian flagged vessel

Praesidium International works in accordance with regulatory bodies guidelines when it comes to contracts and insurance coverage. For example, Praesidium International utilizes the BIMCO GUARDCON contract for all of its anti-piracy operations and holds GML, MEL, PI and PA insurance coverage as per contract requirements.

Praesidium International as a company focuses on quality and integrity and for this reason aims to act in compliance with all applicable voluntary principles, standards, codes of conduct, Domestic and International Laws regulating the business sector. We expect all of our employees, representatives and business partners to adhere to these principles.

Praesidium International respects the dignity of all human beings and performs its services in a way that is consistent to this ideal. The company and employees hold equal obligations to avoid any act attributable to one of the below areas:

  • Sexual Abuse, Harassment, Bullying and Gender Violence
  • Child Labor
  • Human Trafficking and Slavery

Praesidium International embraces an environment that is free from all discrimination in the workplace and in its business. We do not tolerate any discrimination and our decisions are solely based on sincere evaluations.

The well-being of our employees is of outmost importance, for this reason we aim at creating a safe work environment, in full compliance with applicable legislation inherent health and safety in the workplace on land and while at sea. Praesidium International will not, and requires that its employees do not, engage in activities that compromise their own safety or the safety of others. We commit towards taking all the necessary precautions for our employees and any personnel that are involved with our activities.

Praesidium International has taken all necessary steps to apply to its processes the requirements set by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). For further details please see our Privacy Policy.

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