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maritime and land security - anti-piracy operations

Praesidium International

Praesidium International specializes in the provision of a wide array of consultancy solutions for marine and land environments. On a daily basis our experts provide assistance in the fields of risk consultancy, maritime security, travel & fixed site security, intelligence analysis, cybersecurity and offshore vessels & operational management among the main.

Launched in 2017, with staff and partners operating from multiple international locations, Praesidium International marks its footprint globally delivering quality assistance and services to its clients.


Client Oriented Mindset

We put our client needs at the forefront of the process. We do our utmost to assist our clients with their needs while minimizing the impact to their operations.


Operations Dedicated QMS

We do not leave space for improvisation. All of our operations are rigorously framed within our Quality Management System which allows us to increase efficiency, achieve consistent results, and improve customer satisfaction.


Zero Debt Policy

Financial stability of service providers is often overlooked, also by certification bodies and can cause major disruption of service. We are proud of maintaining a zero-debt policy with all our partners.


Our vision guides every aspect of our business which is established on the basis of cost efficiency, diligence, integrity, and transparency, considering the well-being of our staff and local communities in which we operate..


To become the leading provider in all aspects of our business operation. Ensuring we are the best in our field, to which others strive to emulate. To develop key working relationships with business partners, clients, and staff.

Praesidium Milestones

100.000 NM sailed in Gulf of Guinea
October 2019
New Headquarters
August 2020

UNI0891:2000 Certification
August 2020
Novembre 2017
Italian License
October 2019
Award Best Maritime Risk Consultancy Firm 2020
April 2020

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