Private Security Teams

maritime security and anti-piracy operations

Our Private Security Teams

Praesidium International personnel has been involved in the provision of security solutions in the Indian Ocean since 2010. Our teams are trained to the highest standards and operate according to our industry compliant operating procedures.

  • Training : We carefully select each single team member and ensure they comply with our standards. The process begins with our custom-tailored screening process and training program, which hones their knowledge of risk management and implementation of Praesidium International procedures. The process continues onboard during each operation with a dedicated training program that encompasses physical training and classroom type training that covers PI procedures, maritime security related guidelines and other security related topics. We heavily invest in our teams and believe that this is the proper approach to guarantee a higher level of service and flawless operations to our clients. The ongoing training process ensures that at all times PI security personnel is committed to Praesidium International’s Mission and  Vision, Code of Conduct, Standard Operating Procedures, and Rules for the Use of Force. All security personnel are required to meet or exceed our maritime security and safety requirements.
  • Security Equipment : We act in compliance with all know regulatory requirements and standards when it comes to providing services in the Indian Ocean. All the equipment deployed during the tasks is carefully maintained and holds valid End User Certificates and permits to ensure traceability and property.
  • Contract & Insurance : We only utilize the standard BIMCO GUARDCON when providing our Indian Ocean services and hold comprehensive insurance policies with London’s Lloyds as per industry requirements. 

As of October 2019, Praesidium International has been awarded the license under art. 134 T.U.L.P.S. to provide maritime security services onboard Italian flagged vessels.

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