Areas of operations

Praesidium International specializes in the provision of a wide array of consultancy solutions for marine and land environments. On a daily basis our experts provide assistance in the fields of risk consultancy, maritime security, travel & fixed site security, intelligence analysis, cybersecurity and offshore vessels & operational management among the main.

The heart of Praesidium International is built around a management team with multiple years’ experience in the maritime domain with expertise in maritime security and anti-piracy operations as well as ship management. Praesidium International can count on the expertise of Master Mariners and CSO’s who support our daily tasks, either as external consultants or internal office staff which complete Praesidium International’s management team.

Praesidium International’s Risk Management and Land Security solutions are custom tailored on the client’s needs and expectations, all while safeguarding personnel, infrastructures, operations and other valuable assets and investments. Praesidium International can deploy on a moment’s notice the necessary assets to support you. 

Business or personal safety & security is also a matter of having access to proper information and analysis. Understanding the geopolitical and local context where we operate is the first action that we can implement when looking at mitigating risk. With a strong of pool of experienced intelligence analysts, we can provide the required insight to support maritime as well as land-based operations.

…I must also thank for the excellent assistance. I very much look forward to work with you and your company in the future again!

MPV Master (Netherlands)