Security Escort Vessels

PATROL BOATS and anti-piracy operations

Security Escort Vessels

Security Escort Vessel services are Praesidium Internationalsflagship. We have built our brand and reputation around the provision of reliable and flexible vessel security services in Nigeria which is one of the most challenging areas to operate from in Africa.

Nigeria - Maritime Security Services

Praesidium International has a strong local footprint and has built strategic partnerships with all the main players involved in the provision of Security Escort Vessel Services not only in Nigeria but also throughout West Africa.

We manage the entire process with our local partners, ensuring all personnel involved in the operation are qualified to our demanding standards. As such, we heavily invest in our people, handing down our experience in security and vessel operations management, our attention to communication processes, and our client-oriented mindset.

We have built a dedicated Quality Management System for the provision of security escort vessel services that tackles all aspects of the process. All various phases of the operation are monitored and recorded allowing us to minimize the risk of human error and thus strictly following our schedule.

"When it comes to deterring piracy,
few solutions are as efficient as a Security Escort Vessel"


24/7 Monitoring and Communication

Proper monitoring and clear communication processes are the key to success. All Praesidium International employees onboard the escort vessel have been trained on our standard communication protocols, specifically developed for security escort vessel operations and are all provided with additional communication equipment to ensure redundancy. Praesidium International UNI10891:2000 certified security operations center (SOC) provides 24/7 shore-based monitoring via its vessel monitoring system (VMS) and global operations team.

in Nigeria is its communication process.

Our approach has allowed us to become a regular service provider for several major shipping companies calling Nigerian and other West African ports on a frequent basis. In addition, we have been vetted and approved as security escort vessel provider by all major shipping agents operating in the Gulf of Guinea.

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…All was very well organized and I highly recommend Praesidium for continuous employment”

Container Ship Master

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