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The world is a complex environment and can present a wide array of challenges. Praesidium International’s Risk Management and Land Security solutions are custom tailored on the client’s needs and expectations, all while safeguarding personnel, infrastructures, operations and other valuable assets and investments.

Risk is Our Business

Our Land Risk department can count on the expertise of over 50 security professionals with a proven and diversified field experience ranging from certified security managers to ex-operatives from various forces such as US Navy Seals, South African Marines, Italian Paratroopers, French Foreign Legion, etc. specialized in various areas such as counterterrorism, special operations, training, weapons, explosives, security analysis among the main ones. This remarkable cultural and technical background of our people allows us to properly detect, deter and respond to a wide variety of security challenges in accordance with Local, International and Human Rights laws and guidelines.

Every operation is undertaken using our Quality Management System framework and guidelines inspired by the most relevant industries’ guidelines such as the principles of the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers (ICoC) and major UN guidelines for operating in difficult environments.

Finally, all our operations are closely monitored by our team from our Ops center located in Rome, Italy. 24/7 monitoring is guaranteed via electronic tracking and procedural means that are task specific and addressed during the planning stage.

Our Ops center is fitted with technological systems that guarantee monitoring continuity and communication connectivity.

Our goal is to ensure our clients’ business continuity and assist in achieving their organizational objectives all while protecting them with low impact security solutions. Whether operating in South America or Asia, in Europe or Africa, whether being a single individual or a group, a company or an NGO, Praesidium International can deploy on a moment’s notice the necessary assets to support you.

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