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We live in a complex and intricate world where digital systems have penetrated all aspects of operations. This has led to an increased attention from individuals and/or organizations that target digital systems vulnerabilities to disrupt service and gain profit from their actions. Cyberattacks represent an evolving danger to organizations as such, cybersecurity as a state or process of protecting and recovering networks, devices and programs has become a major security field and will keep growing steadily as technical sophistication keeps evolving. Cyber attackers are always searching for new ways or methods to exploit technological advances in order to carry out their unlawful actions.

The Maritime Industry has witnessed in the past few years several major attacks to its operations. Although in most circumstances’ organizations do not immediately realize that they have fallen victim of a cyberattack, in some other circumstances the outcome can be more tangible. This is the case for example when collisions occur or when shipping companies find themselves on the headlines as happened to MAERSK in 2017.

Praesidium International has actively been confronting itself with key players of the industry in order to define and provide state of the art security solutions in the cybersecurity field. As part of this process Praesidium International has built a strategic partnership with BugSec, a leading cyber and information security consulting company that has been providing technical offensive and defensive cybersecurity services for over a decade.

With their systematic approach to assess the cybersecurity of vessels and their interaction with land-based management systems, Praesidium International and BugSec have developed a comprehensive range of services for the benefit of the maritime industry.

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