Maritime Services


The heart of Praesidium International is built around a management team with multiple years’ experience in the maritime domain with expertise in maritime security and anti-piracy operations as well as ship management. Praesidium International can count on the expertise of Master Mariners and CSO’s who support our daily tasks, either as external consultants or internal office staff which complete Praesidium International’s management team.

Praesidium International acts in accordance with all known regulatory requirements of the IMO and relevant Flag State regulations while providing its marine services. Our approach enables us to mitigate the risk and thus allowing us to analyse and implement rather than react.

Every operation is based on four key elements: Preparation, Early Detection, Deterrence and Avoidance. This allows the Master, Owner and Charterer to safely sail through the High-Risk Areas using a direct route and avoiding costly and time-consuming deviations.

Mitigating risks related to piracy and terrorist activity, at sea and in port, while ensuring minimum disruption to the daily onboard routine, including the preservation of life and client assets is our priority.

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