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About Praesidium International

Praesidium International (PI) is a risk consultancy firm specializing in the provision of anti-piracy security services on board merchant and passenger ships, sailing along the East and West African Coasts, and South-East Asia.

The heart of PI is built around a Management Team of maritime security and anti-piracy operation experts, with a combined total of over ten years MARSEC related experience. PI can count on the expertise of Master Mariners and CSO’s who support our daily tasks, either as external consultants or internal office staff which complete PI’s Management Team.

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Our Services

Every operation is based on four key elements: Preparation, Early Detection, Deterrence and Avoidance. This allows the Master, Owner and Charterer to safely sail through the High-Risk Area using a direct route and avoiding costly and time-consuming deviation.

Just like the many shapes of water, risk at sea is ever changing and can show us a multitude of facets.

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Indian Ocean High Risk Area

Praesidium International attributes a high level of importance to static defensive measures as advised by the industry Best Management…

Gulf of Guinea High Risk Area

Escort Vessel services are the most effective solution for risk mitigation in pirate infested waters of Gulf of Guinea region…

South East Asia High Risk Area

Onboard armed security has proven to be an excellent tool for risk mitigation against the piracy threat…

Onboard Security Consultants

Prior to any passage in pirate infested water, it is imperative to gather the necessary information, and carefully prepare…

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