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Disclaimer: Praesidium International will use reasonable endeavor to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this map but all such information, given its nature, shall be subject to change of alteration at any time and the use of such information is at the sole discretion of the user(s). Please note that the map does not portrait all the maritime security-related events that occurred year by year and only last 6 months events are presented. Praesidium International accepts no liability or responsibility in any goods or services recommended herein.

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Why Praesidium Is The Perfect Choice?


Client Oriented Mindset

We put our client needs at the forefront of the process. We do our utmost to assist our clients with their needs while minimizing the impact to their operations.


Operations Dedicated QMS

We do not leave space for improvisation. All of our operations are rigorously framed within our Quality Management System which allows us to increase efficiency, achieve consistent results, and improve customer satisfaction.


Zero Debt Policy

Financial stability of service providers is often overlooked, also by certification bodies and can cause major disruption of service. We are proud of maintaining a zero-debt policy with all our partners.

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