Our Maritime Positions

Praesidium International is always looking for dedicated maritime security professionals.

Our approach to recruitment relies on experienced personnel with a commitment to Praesidium International’s Mission and Vision, Code of Conduct, Standard Operating Procedures, and Rules for the Use of Force. All security personnel are required to meet or exceed our security and safety requirements.

Praesidium Internationals security teams are comprised of personnel from various nationalities which have successfully completed our pre-deployment screening and anti-piracy training. Praesidium International invests time and resources to select experienced ex-military and police personnel, familiarizing them with our specific approach. Praesidium International’s training focuses on the importance of integrating the activities of the security team with onboard ISM procedures.

Before applying please carefully read the below minimum requirements and be ready to provide proof of necessary documents/certifications:

  • 2 years military experience
  • Honorable discharge certificate
  • Criminal Record Bureau (CRB)
  • Passport
  • Seaman Book
  • STCW (95)/(2010) “STCW A-VI/1-1,2,3,4”
  • Yellow Fever Book (YFB)
  • First Aid Competency Course
  • Maritime Firearms Competency Course
  • Certified Seafarers Medical (including D&A) & Sound Mental Health
  • Ability to deploy for a minimum of 90 days

Application can be submitted via email to

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