CONGO – Survey Vessel boarded

Survey vessel boarded by sea robber while at Pointe-Noire anchorage area.

CONGO // On October 8th, around 2240 LT, while at Pointe Noire anchorage area a Gibraltar flagged survey vessel was boarded by unknown man. The Master of the survey vessel heard a sound at forward and noticed the man. Upon shouting at him, the man escaped using a boat. The alarm had meanwhile been raised and crew mustered. A subsequent research confirmed that no other unauthorized person was on board and that ship’s stores had been stolen.

The survey vessel which had been operating in an area 30NM NW of Pointe Noire over the last few weeks, had returned to the anchorage area during AM hours of the same day. The presence of accomplices on board the escape boat although not confirmed is to be taken into consideration as it is unlikely that such an operation would be performed by a single individual.

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