HAPPY HOLIDAYS 2020 - Praesidium International

Once again, another year is quickly coming to an end and we look back at what we have achieved despite it being anything but ordinary. Lots of hardship but also many positives that have pushed us to grow stronger as a team and as a company.

It is impossible to summarize 2020 without mentioning the pandemic that has drastically affected all of us and what we normally take for granted. It has also brought an abundance of new opportunities, pushing us to think outside the box to ensure we deliver regardless of the odds. As the year progressed, Praesidium had another pandemic of sorts on the corporate side, as we had to handle an overwhelming number of parties trying to undermine our progresses and the legitimacy of our unorthodox approach to business, either directly or indirectly via their unethical business practices.

However, as we always do, we have taken this negativity and used it as a driving force to push through and keep the helm on the right course to accomplish our vision.

Thanks to the dedication of our team and the trust given to us by our partners, Praesidium International is today the most active and experienced PMSC in the Italian market, slowly affirming itself as a leading international security provider in West Africa.

Although the future is unwritten, we are quite optimistic and eagerly looking forward to seeing what the new year has in store for all of us.  

Per aspera ad astra!


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