DUBAI – Iran seizes vessel

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have seized a vessel in the Gulf for allegedly smuggling 250,000 litres of diesel fuel to the United Arab Emirates.
Straight of Hormuz

Iran 'seizes another vessel

Iran has seized another vessel and its crew in the Strait of Hormuz, a semi-official Iranian news agency reported on Monday.

Fars News said that the vessel was carrying “smuggled diesel” and that its crew of 11 had been arrested.

“The ship, called Linch, sailed from the port of Lankah and was heading towards the UAE. It was stopped 20 miles east of the island of Tunb,” an Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps naval commander told the agency.

The islands of Abu Musa and the Greater and Lesser Tunb, a few kilometres off the UAE coastline and regarded as strategically important waypoints in the Strait of Hormuz, were seized by Iran in 1971 as the UAE was formed.

If the ship seizure is confirmed, it would represent the latest move to hamper navigation in the waterway, one of the most vital routes for global energy supplies.

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