NIGERIA – New kidnapping trick in Lagos

Chilly account of kidnappers’ news way of abducting targets on Lagos roads.

Residents of Lagos are now living in fear following a new trick adopted by kidnappers in abducting victims on roads.

The hoodlums now dress like responsible men riding in a car; they will pull up when they spot a perceived victim; while pretending to be asking for an address and the target is attending to them, they will whip out a gun and order the victim into a car or risked being shot .As soon as the victim is bundled into the car, they zoom off.

The kidnappers will take their victim to their den and from there, they will demand ransom.

A victim, Onochieze Nwakanma, is thanking God for saving him from the hands of the syndicate after he escaped from its members who nearly forcefully abducting on the road.

“I was on my way home after closing from my shop at the Egbeda area. As I was walking along, a car stopped beside me; the driver who spoke in English language, asked  for an address; while I was trying to respond to him, one of the occupants pointed a gun at me and ordered me to go inside the vehicle or risked his wrath. As I was trying to join them in the car, my instinct warned me not to enter the vehicle. So I quickly took to my heels. I made up my mind to even die where people would pick my body than for me to be taken to where I would be used for rituals.

“It was when I narrated my ordeals in the church that I was told that a syndicate that abducts victims on the road is on the prowl in Lagos.”

Source: Sun News Online. Continue reading..


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