Praesidium International Holiday Greetings

Holiday greetings 2019

Dear all,

Winston Churchill once said that “success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm”. Success, enthusiasm and fortunately to a lesser extent failure have definitely characterized our 2019.

Entering in its second year of operations, Praesidium International has cemented its position as one of the major maritime security service providers in Nigeria.

Out there, many are passionate about numbers and we will give only two that we believe are relevant:

  • 4,75/5 the average satisfaction rating that we received from Master’s
  • 98,3% success rate in our Security Escort Vessel operations

We have spent a substantial amount of time understanding how to improve ourselves, closely working with our local partners, developing our QMS for Security Escort Vessel operations and the numbers show that we are on the right path to achieve even better results in the future.

Some other areas that have finally started to yield results this year, comprise of our Maritime Security Consultant service and Specialized Assistance for vessel & crew preparation. With over 300 seafarers trained in 14 countries and 25 ports, including in Europe, this has been a very interesting year that makes us eager to see what new experiences lay ahead.

In addition, diverting from our security background and taking full hands in our understanding of the maritime domain, we have continued our work looking at future development of the company by tackling the offshore market and providing assistance and advice to indigenous companies all across West Africa.

Bearing the same approach, we have also developed new projects in 2019. The first has been the launch of our intelligence & analysis department which has encountered a great amount of appreciation from our customers both in the maritime and land domains. A second important achievement was the opening of our security operations center in Rome, Italy, and the attainment of the license to provide maritime security services onboard Italian flagged vessels which has put Praesidium International among a very limited group of security companies capable of achieving this result.

2020 will be an interesting year with many new learning opportunities as well as new challenges. We will continue to push hard to set higher standards for ourselves and our services and again, we must thank all you that believe in our work and who support us!

We wish you all a festive Holiday season and a Happy New Year.

May this 2020 bring you luck and prosperity!!

Praesidium International Team


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