INDONESIA – Climate change and piracy

Is Climate Change Driving Pirate Attacks in Indonesia?
Piracy Indonesia

Influence of Climate Change ?

Piracy is an issue that affects several countries around the globe including Indonesia, Somalia, and Nigeria. Because many of the skills needed to work in the fishing industry are easily translatable to piracy, it’s not uncommon for fishermen to turn to piracy as an alternative source of income. 

According to research by Sebastian Axbard, a lecturer of economics at the Queen Mary University of London, there is a correlation between poor local fishing conditions and increases in the rate of pirate attacks in Indonesia. Fishing conditions are influenced by oceanographic conditions like water temperature and levels of phytoplankton – a key source of food for fish.

While it’s difficult to draw a direct link between climate change and piracy, Axbard says that the findings of his research could have important implications for the future, as climate change is projected to cause an increasing deterioration of fishing conditions going forward. The Globe Post had the opportunity to interview Axbard about his research, and the following is a transcript which has been lightly edited for length and clarity.


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