NIGERIA – NISS New Training Program on “Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea” for Regional Security Operatives


Sea Piracy: DSS, Others Move to Secure the Gulf of Guinea Area

In its determination to restore sustainable peace and security to the Gulf of Guinea, the National Institute for Security Service (NISS), has begun a 10-month program for senior officials from the military, security, paramilitary, as well as ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) of governments of the region.

A national institute of the Department of State Services (DSS), the NISS is a leading center for the provision of “competence and enhanced training for middle and top level managers of security in order to advance the best practice in conflict prevention, mitigation and resolution”.

It was the need to underscore the seriousness it attaches to dealing with sea piracy and robbery in the region, that the NISS chose “Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea: Issues And Challenges For International Trade, National Security And Sustainable Development of Member-States”, as this year’s course topic.

Already, at least 41 participants from countries that make up the Gulf of Guinea, including those from Nigeria, the Gambia, Ghana, Equatorial Guinea, as well as Sao Tome and Principe, have assembled for the Executive Intelligence Management Course (EIMC 13).

Speaking during a courtesy visit to the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), the Commandant of the NISS, Mr. Ayodele Adeleke, said as a “driver” of political and economic activities in the region, it was not out of place for the country to assume the afire stated responsibility.

“We picked this topic because of the problem that we have on our high sea; how it affects our international trade, our national security, and of course, the development of we, particularly in Nigeria, because, Nigeria drives both the political and economy in the region,” Adeleke said.

According to him: “This is why we want to get to the root of this matter (piracy), and that is what the participants will be doing during their 10-month stay.


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